Article IV

Qualifications for Membership and Duties



Section 1          Membership capacity at Floyd County Wildlife Association will be set by The Board and posted in the                                 Associations office. A first come – first serve waiting list will be used to fill vacancies.

Section 2         Membership in Floyd County Wildlife Association shall be considered after a person applies in writing,                               with a recommendation from a current Member in good standing and the Initiation Fee and pro-rated                                 annual Membership Dues have been received.

Section 3          Membership in Floyd County Wildlife Association is contingent upon approval (by vote of 2/3 majority)                              of The Board at the next regular Board Meeting after an application has been received.

Section 4          Membership in Floyd County Wildlife Association consist of, the Member, Spouse and immediate                                        Children under the age of 18yrs living at home, or in college and still a dependent.

Section 5          Membership in Floyd County Wildlife Association carries only one (1) vote, to be cast at any Membership                            Meeting or mail in ballot.

Section 6          Any Member may be expelled for cause from Membership by vote of 2/3 majority of The Board at a                                  regular Board Meeting, provided that notice in writing or oral of such proposed action has been                                          previously given to The Board and the affected Member. If conditions warrant, The Board may suspend                            said Member immediately for his actions and order him not to return until his review at the next Board                                Meeting, where a review of the action/incident will occur. The Board will then take action.

Section 7          It shall be the responsibility of Members to attend the Annual Meeting, or vote by written proxy                                          (including signature and Member number) on issues requiring a vote by Membership Quorum.

Section 8          It shall be the duty of Members to pay Membership Dues by April 30th. Memberships that are not                                      renewed by or before April 30th will be charged a $25 per month late fee. On August 1st, Members                                    who have not renewed will be required to apply for Membership and will be placed last on the waiting                              list.

Section 9         The Board shall be empowered (by vote of 2/3 majority) to offer and grant complementary annual                                       Membership to persons for services rendered to FCWA, at a value The Board deems appropriate.


New membership requires Initiation Fee and pro-rated dues

all of which is explained on the appropriate Application

At present time Annual Membership for FCWA is

Regular Membership

$225 annual

age under 65

Senior Membership

$125 annual

age 65 and older

Membership in FCWA is a Family Membership
User Fees, Range Passes, Hunting Leases; are per-person, not family
By Clicking the
Membership Application it can be viewed and printed 

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