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The Club offers two types of camping for members


Water and Power sites are on the North side of the lake, near the club house with new restrooms/shower facilities.


$1650.00 per year, fees due in November of each year.

$165.00/month, if available.


(No permanent residences allowed)
Camping includes all of the sites across the lake (South side).

Members can camp at no charge up to 7 days on the primitive camp sites. Short term gear must be removed after 7 days duration.

Short term camping must be approved by the Club Manager prior to the occurrence.


First 7 days with Manager approval - no charge.

$65.00 per month flat rate beyond 7 days. (No permanent residences allowed)

$390.00 per year - with membership on the Hunting Lease (Hunting Lease $520/yr. additional).

Yearly camping fees are due with the Hunting Lease fee in June of each year ($910.00 total/year "No permanent residences allowed").

Guest Policy

Non-Members May Attend Only With A Member In Good Standings As A Guest

And Then Only Twice in 1 Year,  With Exception Of Certain Special Events & Organized Competitive Shoots And Matches

Article V



Section 1          For “Special Events” held at the Association, The Board can vote to allow non-members                           to participate. This would allow a non-member to attend multiple times, but only to                                     participate in Special Events.

Section 2         Guests living over 100 miles from the Association will be allowed to visit multiple times                             (with a Member), provided they pay “Guest Fees” for activities they engage in.

Section 3         Guests living less than 100 miles from the Association are allowed to visit (with a                                         Member) no more than 2 times in one year, without joining the Association, provided                                 they pay “Guest Fees” for activities they engage in.

Section 4         Members may bring guests, but are totally responsible for the actions of their Guest.

Section 5         By a vote of The Board, a Member could face loss of Guest Privileges, be required to                                 pay for damages, and face expulsion from the Association due to actions from their                                   Guest.

When you bring guest, "you" are solely responsible for them and their actions.

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